Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Kate turned ten on this month.  She said she didn't feel ten, she still felt nine.  Today she told me, and not for the first time, that she wished she was still a baby.  She said she was cuter as a baby and it was more fun to be a baby.   I just laughed.  Callie said the other day that being a grown up was going to stink.  I think we were talking about bills. LOL  They have a point I guess.

Like it or not, she's growing up.  She's been to her first skating birthday party, and invited to two more in two weeks time.  Skating must be the thing this year.  Then she had her very first friend sleepover to celebrate her birthday last weekend and last, but not least, we had our usual Indiana family party on Saturday.



 World's worst blog picture?  I handed the camera to someone else thinking they would have a better view, but then they handed it off too.  I have no idea how it ended up black and white and then Kate changed directions!  Oh well.

It almost seemed a little cruel to get a kid a bike in January, but it was now or never.  She had a few days of good weather to practice, then some snow and really cold days, but this weekend is supposed to be "nice."
Kate has learned to text in the last couple of weeks.  Last night she told me "I could do this all day!"  She loves to send Cameron all kinds of emoticons and love messages.  It's pretty cute.  Thankfully it's free! 
She is growing so tall!  What is it with my girls?  Ten years old and we had to buy size 14 shirts so they would be long enough!  I always thought that she would be drastically shorter than Callie, but it looks like that may not be the case.
Everyone tells you "they grow up so fast" and I remember getting sort of tired of people telling me that when Callie was a baby.  But it's so true!!  I find myself wanting to say the same things to newer  moms who are so tired or in the middle of potty training, which I remember feels like it's never going to end!  Most of the time I just keep my mouth shut though, I know they've heard it a thousand times.   Now, I'm glad for all of those reminders.  Now, I give them to myself every day.  


Monday, January 11, 2016

It Was A Perfect Day For...

{I tried to post this yesterday, but our "country internet" often fails in ultra cold and windy weather}

Lots of snuggling, a little knitting, a little John Piper (since our church services were cancelled),
a little reading, a little (or maybe a lot) of movie watching and a little planning, a little hot chocolate, and a big pot of chili.
Of course, Kate wanted to go out.  She and Cameron went to the barn to feed Ollie and that was it.  It was too cold even for Kate.  I'm sure if there are had been more snow she would have toughed it out.  Slick roads are enough to cancel things but not fun for play.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Blur That Was December

Well, all of 2015 seems a bit of a blur.  It all goes so, so fast it seems. 

We've had much to be grateful for and many blessings.  Many challenges too, but God has been faithful and has helped us remember that we are so blessed in so many ways.

 At the beginning of the month we had a field trip to a Christmas tree farm not too far from here.  The owners did a great job of telling the kids all about running the family business, how they make the wreaths, and showing them around.  The first weekend of December there is a woodcarver who comes and makes all kinds of fun statues out of stumps.  Of course Olaf was Kate's favorite.


The girls have continued working on their epic movie.  They have been working really hard on this for quite a while.  Callie's dress was made by her father's grandmother for his mother when she was young.  Kate's fur was my grandmother's.  Never mind the sweatshirt and snow boots! LOL They were trying to keep warm before filming outside.

We managed to work in a few of our favorite holiday movies.  It was hard though.  More than once it just got to be too late and we'd have to stop in the middle of one and try to finish it up later.  I'm not sure we ever did finish Holiday Inn.

There were a few parties with some of our favorite people, and now that the art museum is charging, we had to take advantage of their free day.  The timing was really not convenient at all, but we just love going so much, I couldn't pass it up.  The problem now is learning patience at the museum, because of course, the teenager and the 10 year old don't have the same favorite spots. 

We all agreed that the hanging books were pretty cool though.   
There was still weekly babysitting {oh how we love these girls} and ballet.

At the last minute we made our annual trek downtown to see the Monument Circle tree and lights.

The lady at Menard's called our tree a "Charlie Brown" tree.  Twice.  I thought she was quite rude, even if she may have been right.  But there is one thing about this tree that I'm extremely proud of.  I won't deny being a control freak about some things.  Christmas decorating would be one of them.  This year though, Cameron and I sat on the couch and quite happily watched the girls place their ornaments on the tree.  I only moved ones in danger of falling and that was it!  I didn't rearrange one thing.  Admittedly, Callie is old enough to know how to spread them out.  Kate?  Not so much.  Especially her paper ornaments that she made. But I didn't even flinch! 

We opened our presents on Christmas Eve, went to church and then it was finally time to head just a little south to celebrate with our family. {Kate usually insists that certain animals join in our festivities}
I took more pictures at my parents, but sadly, they didn't turn out very well. We had a great time though, as we usually do. 

{I had grand plans for blogging and getting some other things done during the Christmas break, but Kate got sick the next night after we got home and then Callie got it too.  Callie had already been a little sick, then was better, then got sick again.  It took me four days to get this blog post written, the Christmas decorations are half put away, the laundry is, well never mind, you get the idea.  It could be much worse and I keep reminding myself of that.  It could have been the stomach flu!  Thankfully the girls felt better on Saturday and we had a fun day celebrating Cameron's birthday.  Hopefully they will be completely better by Tuesday because it's time for real life to resume. The break was nice while it lasted.}  


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day!!

No time for lots of writing, but here's a little trip down memory lane with Kate.   What a blessing she has been to our family!  These last nine years have flown by, just like the last sixteen with Callie.  It seems like it was just yesterday! 







Friday, November 13, 2015

Maybe We'll All Start Asking for Chicago Trips for our Birthday

There have been a few times where all Callie wanted for her birthday was to go to Chicago.  Back then it was because of the American Girl doll store.  The doll days are over for her, but certainly not the Chicago part.  This time she had concert plans and clothes shopping in mind.  Thanks to her loving and generous relatives we were able to make it all happen.

Actually, our first destination was Shaumburg, IL.  There is a mall there with several of the stores that Callie wanted to go to.  When we were first planning I pointed out to her that we had all of those stores close by in Indy.  But then.  It dawned on me.  Exactly where was Ikea?  A quick Google search and I was right on board with Callie!  I had only been to one Ikea and it was several years ago so I was totally excited to go again.

Just this week they announced that there will be one within an hour of our house in 2017!! 

 How cool is that?!  An escalator for your cart.  Clearly I have been missing out!
 This was our first time staying over night in the Windy City.  Callie and Cameron had tickets to go see Owl City in concert, so Kate and I did a little exploring close to our hotel.  This park was right across the street.  Skaters, bikers, runners and several dog walkers.  Lots to see and the weather was perfect.

Kate and I found these sculptures very interesting.  We finally found a sign that said who had made them, the name and where they came from, but not a word about what it was suppose to represent.  Bodies with no heads and no explanation.  Very strange.

a food truck for all of the dog walkers


Callie and Cameron had a great time at the concert and Kate and I topped off our evening painting our fingernails and watching two old Downton Abby episodes.  Her choice, really :)

 The next morning was cool and sunny and absolutely beautiful!  It was the perfect blend of chilly but sunny which was good since we walked a million blocks!  We've been to Chicago before, but we've never had as much time to explore.  It was so much fun! 

This was the first cheesecake Factory that Cameron I went to many years ago.  I had never heard of it.  We went with some friends who also were the friends who introduced us to Thai and Indian and Vietnamese food.  We owe them a debt of gratitude!  {Thanks Duong and Jen!}

 Isn't that window display stunning?!  I didn't notice what store it was.  I was being rushed.  One of these days we are going to take a grown up trip to Chicago and I'm going to linger as long as I want to in certain spots.   

Of course no trip to Chicago is complete without pictures at "the bean".  It's official name is Cloud Gate, but everyone calls it the bean.  It's totally cool.

Our driver, aka Cameron, has a love/hate relationship with Chicago.  He likes it on one level, but he hates driving there.  I mean really hates it.  So it was a nice little stress reliever to stop by the lake shore on our way out of town.  It was pretty cold by this time, but it was very pretty.  We had a quick picnic and Callie took some pictures and then we got in the warm, cozy car and drove home.