Sunday, March 1, 2015

One Man's Blessing....

Is another man's curse.

I know this weather is a curse to some, and I promise I did not pray for it, but it sure does feel like a blessing today.

"Forced" to stay home with the ones I love, reading, Cameron reading the Bible to us, Kate crafting a bit, watching a movie, a long phone conversation with a dear friend, a pot of chili on the stove, it's all been a blessing to me.

Even when I worked a full time job, before Callie was born, I was spoiled with a fearless husband, and also a brave friend, to ride to work with if the roads were really bad.  I try to remember to pray for those who have no choice but to be out on the roads or even worse, those who do not have warm homes to return to.  I can not even imagine what that would be like.

There was much rejoicing on our little acre today though.  It wasn't the kind of snow you could really build anything with, but it was the next best scenario, maybe even better.  Lots of snow, no wind and temps warm enough to not freeze to death.  And fluffy enough to easily move out of the driveway!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

{In the School Room}

Actually, it's been everywhere but the school room lately.  Our school room has no heating vent and a wall of windows.  Not a good combo when the temps are below 30.  The doors have been closed and we've set up shop in the dining room.  And the living room and occasionally a bedroom.

It's always good to shake it up a bit in February.  As much for Mom as anyone.  I love the snow, but not the cold.  The pile of shoes and towels at the back door,  and the gray skies and on and off again kitchen plumbing can wear a person down.  The girls are restless, tired of reading a particular book maybe or just plain tired. 

Sometimes a turn in the curriculum that is being used comes at just the right moment.  We're leaving Europe and heading to South America!

Several years ago we found these travel videos at the library.  I will say up front, not all of these episodes are what we consider appropriate for family viewing!  Please preview for your family.  Especially some of the European shows!  Anyway, we love {most of} them.  They are so interesting and fun.  Megan and Ian are our favorite travelers.  Sometimes, we decide there is no way we would want to go to a place, but most often we see just how beautiful and interesting a place is.  We especially love the Asian episodes.  The food!  Oh you can't believe what some people will eat, and the South American ones are a little bizarre too.  Guinea pig anyone?

It's been great to "visit" the oceans, climb the Andes Mountains and explore Machu Pichu while cozied up on the couch and then fill out the maps and read a few folktales from the areas or about Simon Bolivar.  Next week we plan to try some recipes.  Not for the guinea pig though!

Another sure way to beat the February blues is to go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art!  When the going gets tough, this is where I want to go (besides the beach!).  It's peaceful, it's beautiful, it's free (for now) and if you let your children lead it can be very fun, interesting and relaxing.  I do not make them read every little plaque or require that they write a paper about an artist when we get home!  That really would defeat the whole purpose.  We usually buy a postcard or two and those either get taped to a wall or sent to someone.

One of Callie's favorites is a painting of Indianapolis before cars and traffic lights

They both enjoyed this interactive "sculpture".  Scattered through out the museum were these spots where you could get on the platform and do whatever with the household items that were setting there.  It's amazing what can be called art sometimes and what people get paid for it!

This is one of my favorite parts because it always comes as a surprise when you go around a corner.  I always get a little lost in the new section of the museum and never know that I'm getting ready to walk into the old part.  It's sort of dark, and maybe even dreary on a cloudy day, but it's still beautiful.

We have some fun things to look forward to in March and the next thing we know it will spring and sunny!  It won't be long!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!


Gong Hey Fat Choy 

I wonder if they drink hot chocolate in China?

Monday, February 16, 2015

February Daybook

{Outside My Window}  Very, very, very cold.  Earlier it was 16 degrees, but now the sun is setting and I'm sure the temp is going down too.  And not a drop of snow on the ground!  It can be very depressing, but the sky is quite beautiful.

{I'm Listening To}  Laughter from up stairs and a dripping faucet.  Both are music to my ears right now. :)
Thai iced tea....yum!

{I'm Thankful For}  A friend who called out of the blue a couple of weeks ago and said "We'd like to have your girls over for the day next Saturday"  So on Valentine's Day Cameron and I got an unexpected entire day together!  We had breakfast with the girls first with lots of homemade notes passed out.  Of course there was bacon involved and chocolate muffins and then we dropped them off!  It was great and lovely and such a gift!  And it couldn't have come at a better time.

Grandparents who send Valentine's and sweet notes of encouragement to the grown ups.  Also could not have come at a better time!

Running Water!  It's the coldest it's been so far this winter and somehow we've managed to keep the pipes going.  A gift from above for sure!!

My husband!!

{I Am Thinking About}  So many things that I would like to write about but either don't have the words or the time or either.  It is a strange time in our life.  Parenting, friendships, jobs, school, the future......So much to think and pray about.  It's not all bad, just so different sometimes than how I thought it would be and sometimes I'm slow to adjust.

{In the Kitchen}  Callie is in the kitchen!  And she is great.  I have been stuck in a rut for a long time and she is forcing me out!  She has made tortellini soup and French toast rolls and fish tacos with cilantro rice so far.  She's been mostly on her own, I'm trying to not boss over her shoulders!  I've also been making some of the recipes from Mad Hungry Cravings.  Good stuff!

{I am Reading} Right now I'm reading Mansfield Park.  That is for Callie's literature and we both like it.  I had tried reading it a few years ago and just couldn't get into it, but this time I am enjoying it. 

I was thinking that I shouldn't read my own choice of fiction during our regular school schedule because sometimes I get too engrossed in it, but I think I'm about to change that self-imposed rule.  I don't have tons of time and I definitely can not be staying up late, binge reading the latest novel, but to have something to read for pure pleasure sounds really nice!

I'm thinking of reading Anne of Green Gables.  I've seen the movies a couple of times, but I've never read the books.  Maybe I'll read the whole series who knows.

{I am Creating}  I have three knitting projects I'm in the middle of and two sewing projects.  I do not like this!  I'm not sure how it happened because I am a "one project at a time" kind of gal, but here I am.  Next month a friend is going to guide another friend and I in sock knitting.  That will be four projects if I don't hurry up and finish one!! 

{One of my Favorite Things}  Reading Valentine Bears to the girls.  It's definitely in my top 10 favorite picture books! 


Playing in the snow a couple of weeks ago.  It wasn't very deep, but it was the good, sticky kind for building snowmen.

{A Few Plans for the Week} We were going to go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with Cameron (I love paid holidays for my husband!) today, but they are closed on Mondays.  Thankfully I found that out before we go all the way down there.  It's just a typical week with ballet, babysitting and a 4H meeting.  Rather busy, but all good.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

{Yarn Along}

It's been sooo long since I've posted any knitting on here. 

Cameron gave me a gift certificate to a local yarn store for Christmas.  I think it stayed in my purse approximately 24 hours.  I had to get something for our trip to Mississippi!

When I get yarn (or fabric) I don't care if it's for me or not.  It's the fun of knitting and sewing, not just the finished product.  So I ended up with yarn for a hat for Callie and some for a project for myself too.

Callie had requested a slouchy hat in grey and there is a perfect pattern in my Jane Brocket book, The Gentle Art of Knitting.  A book I really recommend, by the way.

It was a fun and easy knit.  I may have been a bit off on my gauge though, because it was a bit on the big size and I did need to make some adjustments. 

During this time I was also reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.  My favorite Kate Morton book so far I think. Although, they are all the kind of book you want to stay up all night to read.  Definitely the type of book I need to save for school breaks!


 For more visit Ginny.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Slow and Steady

It's sort of hard to blog when there's "nothing" happening.   A friend asked me last week how school was going and I said something to the effect of "good, but boring."  I immediately remembered a book that Kate and I had just finished and regretted my words.  We both really loved the book!  She so much so, that a week later she is still talking about it. 

Callie and I are reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen and are enjoying that and everything else is going pretty well on her side.  Kate is progressing in her reading.  She's getting a bit faster,  and not struggling as much.  For some reason, she will still say she can't read.  I have no idea why!  We have been nothing but encouraging with stickers and little rewards for number of pages read and so on, so it drives me nuts when she says that, although I try not to show it.   A couple of nights ago we were out and about and she read a bank sign and then talked about what it would say if you switched the letters around.  I could have done a back flip!  I think I could have done ten!!  So yeah, she's a reader, she just doesn't know it yet.

So really, my answer should have been, "Good.  Just no field trips lately."  I'm hoping to rectify that before too much longer, but we'll see.  We are going to be studying the Civil War in a few weeks and there are a few places around here that I would love to go and I'm even hoping to visit some places in Kentucky this spring or summer maybe.

 Of course there is always the Indianapolis Museum of Art which we really enjoy.  I'm hoping we can get there this month.  If you are local you should try to go before April.  They are going to begin charging for admission, which really stinks!  We have had so many enjoyable times there that cost us nothing except for the gas to get there.  

We are finally getting some snow tonight!  There is a possibility of six to nine inches.  Woo hoo!  It won't effect school for us, just make the views out the window so, so much prettier and of course we'll have to read some of our favorite winter picture books and of course have some hot chocolate.  Kate will beg Callie to go out and play with her and I'll promise Callie anything something in order to "encourage" her to go.  Then Kate will eventually talk all of us into going out.  I do like it if it's not too windy.  Especially if it's the wet kind of snow that can be used to make something fun.

I guess that's enough rambling for one night.  I'm going to go stare out the window for awhile and watch it fall.  It's so pretty!

Stay safe and warm!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's Good to Be Nine

Kate had her 9th birthday on Saturday.  One can never be quite sure about the weather in January and whether it will cooperate with birthday plans or not.  This year, the weather was exceptionally good for January and all of the Indiana family was able to come and help us celebrate.  They even got to play outside for awhile.

 The elephant was actually a Christmas gift.  Ellie is never far from Kate's side


Kate loves animals more than anything.  When I saw this cake, oh my goodness!  I just loved it and knew that it would be perfect for Kate!  She loves animals and she loves tea and having tea parties.  Also, I had everything we needed already.  It doesn't get any better than that!

 something about the lighting at this place and my phone camera were not a good combination, but I LOVE the people in the picture!

When trying to write this post, I realized we took very few pictures.  I guess we were too busy being in the moment. 

It was a great day and we had a great time celebrating, even if there aren't any great pics to prove it!